I’ve cleared my backlog and am now taking on new repair and restoration work. CBD based, 7 days, all hours… contact meĀ here

Below are some examples of the repairs done:

Gibson Les Paul Studio brought in by Stevie Knight of The Dead Love.

Stevie had an old Les Paul studio with a rather horrible airbrush job, he asked for a traditional Gibson wine red finish… all but the original pickups and pots were replaced, the headstock screen printed “Gibson” logo was replaced with a Mother of Pearl inlay and the whole guitar finished in nitrocellulous lacquer.


1961 Gretsch Anniversary

The binding and finish of this beautiful guitar were starting to come away so a completely different type of restoration was in order: A gold leaf top.


1990 Gretsch Sparkle Jet

Matt Hell’s champagne Sparkle Jet was fading and falling apart so in the spirit of wild and loud Gretsch guitars it was re-tinted magenta and re-named the Dazzle Jet!

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