I’ve cleared my backlog and am now taking on new repair and restoration work. CBD based, 7 days, all hours… contact meĀ here

Job Description

Restring and tune
(does not include strings)
Complete Setup (general pull apart & clean, restring and tune)
(does not include strings)
Pro Setup: (includes frets leveling, diamond crowning and polishing)
(does not include strings)
Install machine heads $50

Fretwork (re-fret)

Without binding $200-300
With binding $250-350
Partial refret $200-250
Fretboard inlay repair $60 per hour

Broken Headstock/neck/body/etc

(Includes setup)

From minor cracks to potential firewood $60 per hour

Replace Nut

(Includes setup)

Bone or Mother of pearlĀ (hand made) $60


(Install Floyd-style tremolo)

With routed spring cavity $150
Without routed spring cavity $250
Standard tremolo install (Bigsby, Fender, etc) $60


Replace potentiometer $20
Replace Switch/Toggle $25-35
Install pick-up (passive) $30
Custom Mods/Wiring $25-$300
Install output jack $20
Copper (electrostatic) shielding $40

Acoustic Repairs

Cut and install compensated bone saddle $80
install pickup system $60 & up
Reglue broken/loose brace $30 & up
Remove bridge & reglue $80


Full strip-back & re-build, French polish, Nitrocellulous re-finish, etc $60 per hour


T-shirts available in S,M,L, XL. black, white and girls singlets

email or call for details.


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